Thursday, March 1, 2012

It got us all!

Every single one of us came down with a really *really* bad cold. I'm still suffering through it. Thankfully the kids are just left with a tiny bit of congestion and cough. Did that stop us from crafting tho? Nope! (But it did keep us from taking our picture a day!) :P

Being sick gave me a chance to sit down and paint all seven? eight? bird houses that I had bought for baby shower decorations and then later nursery decorations. (Pictures tomorrow!)

Aidan had a school project due that thankfully we almost completely finished right before getting sick. Thank goodness we didn't procrastinate on that! Last night we put the finishing touches on his train and it came out SO CUTE! We got help from this web site. We followed most of it but changed a few things. Aidan really enjoyed putting this together. Dylan now wants to make a boat :) Maybe once I'm feeling better...

I was able to see all of the kids projects since they were due on the day that I help out in his class and I was really impressed with some of the work. Wish I would have taken some pictures of them! One little boy was so funny telling the teacher that his brother made his. When asked what he did, he answered "nothing". Hahaha.

My son has had this mini crush on a girl in his class for the past few months. Tomorrow is her birthday so we decided to make her a little gift. We picked up some starburst from the grocery store and then he went through all the cricut cartridges. (Adorable!) After he picked out what he wanted to cut he pulled out his cricut and went right to work. I helped with picking out the paper ;) Hope her parents don't mind she's getting a bag full of candy haha

I think for the rest of the night I'm just going to sit with my box of tissues and watch American Idol and keep working on a crochet blanket I'm making for the baby. Can't believe its March and she's due in April! Still have SO MUCH TO MAKE! Ah!


  1. Hope you guys start feeling better soon! Cute project! I want to try making one of those with Jacob. And the crush...HOW cute!

  2. I think he got too embarrassed at school to give it to her so he just secretly slipped it into her backpack haha. The next day they talked about it and then another little boy teased Aidan saying "Aidan loves Dakota!" hahaha I told Aidan it sounded like the other little boy was jealous ;) hehe