Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love these little people in my life, and ice cream :)

There's a place that we love to go. They have an awesome ice cream store where we indulge in mint chip ice cream cones. Water fountains that the kids love to run around, splash, and make wishes at. 

There's also ponds with bridges that have fish swimming around and beautiful flowers. Its a shopping center but its sooooo relaxing to me! 

The kids and I can easily stay an hour or two... or three.  :) 

Shoot, now I have a craving for some mint chip ice cream cones...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Birdie Art

I saw the doctor this morning. Found out the time my little one's going to be born. That's exciting! Apparently she's already head down and ready. She just needs the last 3 weeks to pack on the pounds. I haven't gained a single thing. Oops. Doctor said not to worry about it since the baby is growing just fine. Must be all those veggies I'm eating ;) and ice cream and cupcakes. How did I not gain a single pound?? 
This weekend was full of cleaning all my craft stuff out of the nursery. My mom was a life saver! She helped me SO MUCH! 
After lunch today I decided it was time to take a break from cleaning and start a fun project with Aidan. I wanted him to add his own touch of art work into Madison's room. Same with Dylan, tho I have a feeling that's going to be a little more difficult. But today was about Aidan. We set up our cricuts and got to work cutting out stencils. 

For some reason Aidan's cricut wasn't cutting the contact paper. Maybe because I stole his blade and gave him my old one? Hahaha. Really need to buy some more. Last few times at JoAnn's we haven't seen any more blade replacements. Might have to peek into Michael's and see if they have any. So cutting out the stencils went to my machine. Aidan decided on cutting out the bird that we've been using for all the baby shower/nursery decorations. 

Really difficult to see, but there's his bird before painting. Our first attempt was with an oil based paint that was just a pain in the butt to work with. Plus we didn't have the right colors. After that we tried the acrylic paint that we used to paint the bird houses. Perfect colors and so much easier to use. 

We squeezed paint out onto a piece of foil and got started. He was so cute being so careful to make it perfect :) Probably why his came out so much better than mine.  :P

And here is his finished bird before we took the stencils off.

And after the stencils came off. LOVE his. Mine is on the right. I wanted a more washed out look so I kept dipping my paintbrush into the water before dipping it in paint. Not too smart of an idea because it ended up getting under my stencils. But its cute enough to make it into the room. I decided to frame Aidan's. It's just so adorable. Can't wait to place it into the finished nursery. Now to figure out a project for Dylan to make...

After finishing our little art work project I decided to pull out the sample paint I bought for Madison's shelves. I wanted to see if the color went and HOORAY it does! Since I've decided to not paint her room and leave it white I really wanted to add pops of color around. And I'd say this aqua will really pop :P 

I'll be working more on this project tomorrow with the hubby's help. And probably the kids help too, because painting is just too much fun! 

** I don't know if I've mentioned it but the bird that we've been using for Maddie's things is from the Create A Critter cartridge :) And the font that I've been using is from Birthday Bash.