Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three years married today :)

We're not doing anything special...but at least we're together
(without kids)
And that's perfect for me.
Love you babe!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Car!

We got a new (used) car tonight! Woohoo!

Remember how I wrote that we were trying for a third baby? Well for a while I was thinking "is our car really big enough for that?" (We had a Ford Escape) Well after we found out that Dylan had CAS we decided to hold off on trying for a new baby. We wanted to get a feel for how therapy would go. On top of that he's locked in for twice a week, every week, and you can't miss that. At all! My pregnancies are bad! Really bad. Throwing up, not being able to function at all for a few months. So the thought of feeling that bad and having no choice but to drag myself out and drive for over an hour twice a week...yeah.

Dylan had his first speech therapy session. And wow 30 minutes goes by fast! He treated Kristen just like he does me. Ignores what she's trying to teach and just demands to play with toys. So we're going to have to find a way to teach while playing. While we were leaving the first session I kept telling him to say "bye bye" Of course he doesn't, never has, but that doesn't stop me from trying to get him to say it. Well wouldn't you know, after we were in the car and driving off I told him to say it one more time...AND HE DID! HE SAID BYE BYE! Like with the b and everything! I was so proud of him. We said it too each other about 5 times and then he stopped and it hasn't come back again. It was a nice surprise and made my afternoon :)

Anyway, back on point. We didn't buy this car right away because of more kids. Tho that is for sure something that will be great later on down the road. We live in southern California. Today it was 110. My poor babies are in the back seat of the car with no a/c vents! It gets hot! So the nice thing about a third row of seats is that there are rear a/c vents. I feel so much better about putting the boys back there now! And it'll be nice to be able to say "We can all go in my car!" Instead of saying "Well if you want to try and squeeze between the two car seats in the back...but maybe taking two cars is better..." Haha I know not big reasons...but hey they're mine!

The car we found and I'm now in love with is the Dodge Durango! I really didn't think that would be a first choice for me but the more I saw it the more I liked it. I even went up to some stranger while we were out today for Dylan's hearing test and asked her how she liked hers lol! It's great. Really great! The only thing that scares me is the MPG it gets. Ouch! Good thing we don't drive around so much!

Aidan was really sad leaving the Escape behind. And part of me was really sad too. The weekend that we brought Aidan home from the hospital my husband and mom went out and bought me a new car. They picked it out and everything since I was at home recovering from a c-section. They wanted me to have a family size car that was reliable. And I have nothing but GREAT things to say about that car! I've always known how long we've had that car since I can line it up right to how old Aidan is :) That car will be missed! Never had a single problem with it. I really hope it goes to a good family next.

Bye-Bye Escape!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Needed Today

Had a MUCH better day :) Will blog and post pictures tomorrow. Way too tired for tonight.

Hope I don't dream about these guys! Good night :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Todays Pictures

I've been having this problem lately. Through out the day I keep thinking "Oh I should blog about this!" and run and grab the camera. This happens about 4 or 5 times a day. And honestly hardly any of it makes it into the posts I do. So today is filled with my "Oh I should blog about this!" pictures.

Here's our little Dylan do. He decided that once he was free from his crib this morning that he'd crawl into his closet and play with whatever toys he could find. Which is cute. But then he tripped and fell while walking in there. I didn't see blood so all was fine. Till I realized he had this bruise on his cheek. Can't really see it from the picture, but its there. Only reason I thought I'd get this photo is because of Aidan.

Yesterday Aidan and Mommy (me) got in pretty big fight. I screamed, he screamed, I screamed louder and told him to get up to his room. Aidan then decides to let me know how really upset he is at me by slamming his bedroom door. Well...poor little Aidan slammed that door with all his strength right on his thumb. OUCH! And because he was in trouble he didn't come downstairs...just screamed from his bedroom. I thought just because he was still upset with me lol A few minutes later I asked him to come downstairs to get his shoes on because we were leaving. I've never seen that much tears coming from him. His shirt was soaked! Pools of tears on his neck. This picture is from this morning and it really doesn't do it justice on how bad it was yesterday. Poor kid. Thankfully the swelling did go down and so did the nasty purple color.

This was our "school" time this morning. I've decided not to put Aidan in preschool and try to teach him what he needs to know at home. What can I say? I love having our family together. With Charles working nights its not the easiest to get our family time. He'll be in public school soon enough and we don't want to let go of him just yet. Hey can you work on your ABC's while wearing just your cool batman boxers at preschool?! I think not! Even though it's probably not the easiest to get things done when your little brother is crawling over the table to get whatever he can get his hands on. :) I wouldn't trade this close family time for anything.

This BIG Preschool sticker book has been a favorite for Aidan. $9.99 at Costco!

Look what we just noticed is growing in the backyard! Heck ya! We're excited and can't wait! I was starting to think that the tree wouldn't make any this year.

Aidan really enjoyed searching for them.

I added all the pictures that I took today. Tomorrow I'll add the pictures of the crafts I've been working on :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Hands

I actually finished something!

Maybe about a month ago I realized just how many paper towels we were using. We were going through the big Costco pack as if it were just three rolls. Every meal, every snack, Dylan would get sticky messy hands and mouth. Every meal I was using 1 to 2 paper towels to clean him up. Then maybe another to clean his high chair tray. Finally I decided I'd had enough of that. There had to be something else to use, something I could use over and over. So with left over scraps from another project I decided to make washcloths. Tiny washcloths. They measure approx 4 in. by 5 in. Perfect for Dylan's little hands and mouth and even the tray. Once I'm done with them I put it with the dirty laundry and wash it with all the clothes or towels. These have been great. Since I enjoy using them so much and saving paper towels I thought I'd start adding them to my Etsy shop. So here's a little 4 pack I've finished tonight. Hopefully they'll be cleaning some little hands in the future :)

P.S. I really need to stop writing posts after midnight. I re-read what I write about 15 times to see if it makes sense and most of the time it doesn't :P

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Every day there is someone out there who gets bad news about their own health or the health of someone they love.

Ever click on 'Next Blog' up on top? I did the other day. Most times I just keep clicking and don't stop. But there was a blog that made me stop and actually read. It was of a woman who has a daughter who just turned one years old. Her little girl was born with Down Syndrome. She's a strong woman with a positive out look on life and thanks God for sending her her beautiful perfect little girl.

Today she wrote a new blog. She just found out she has cancer. Cancer. She's married and has small children. A daughter with Down Syndrome. And she just found out she has cancer. Leukemia. And still she's staying positive.

I don't know this woman but my heart aches for her. And I realize how thankful I am with my life. Yes I just received sad news about Dylan. Yes he has a hard time speaking, but he's HEALTHY! He's smart. He's beautiful. He's alive and healthy.

Tonight I am thankful to God. Tonight I'm going to hug and kiss everyone in my little family. Tonight I am thankful for our health. And tonight I pray for this woman and her family.

Friday, August 13, 2010


My sons one word is "Mama". I'm torn on how I feel about that.

Nothing makes me happier when Dylan comes up to me and says Mama and I know he really means me.

But at the same time... when he calls everything and everyone else Mama it makes me a little sad.

These past few days have been hard on me. I notice more and more how Dylan's struggling every day. And honestly it seems like it's getting worse. I pray that we can start his therapy sessions soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why'd I take a nap?!

The boys and I went over to my parents house to help them paint their kitchen. It went well. Though we didn't get much done. And I sorta fell asleep on the couch during a "break". Thankfully Dylan fell asleep at the same time and my mom let me sleep for a few hours. It was really nice. I haven't taken a nap since... I can't remember when. But now its 10:13 and I'm not even a little tired. That worries me since I'm normally tired at this time and still stay up till 2 a.m. Wonder if I'll see the sun come up this morning? Haha probably not! :)

I'm thinking of watching a movie but I have no idea at all what to watch. Guess I'll just have to sit at the computer and search for a while. Romantic comedy seems good. I started one called Timer but I just couldn't get myself to sit and watch it. I want to craft! I want to knit or crochet! But I don't have a project to work on. Ravelry has some great patters but I really don't feel like spending a lot of money right now. Maybe I should check lion brands site for some free things. Blah blah blah. This is probably the worst blog entry :P Maybe I can find some cute pictures to throw in so that its not a complete waste.

My husband and me

Aidan. Just in case he forgets who he is or gets lost ;)

Family photo (before Dylan)

Aidan sure LOVES hugs from Mommy! Don't know why he's trying to get away ;)

My boys and I. Crazy about these kids!

I had fun going through all these photos. Makes me smile to see everyone changing and growing and remembering the past. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oops, I forgot a title...

I meant to write a post since I have a few new things to share. Instead I watched a movie with my husband :) Amelie was great! If you haven't seen it, you really should!

Today I was going through the pictures from my cell phone and came across this one. I fell in love with these little boys and made them my new desktop background. Now every time I sit at my computer I go "Awwww". I really do make cute boys (thanks to my husband) but I'd really like for this next one to be a girl. And I say 'this' next one, not as in I'm pregnant right now (I don't think) but we're trying!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!