Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Todays Pictures

I've been having this problem lately. Through out the day I keep thinking "Oh I should blog about this!" and run and grab the camera. This happens about 4 or 5 times a day. And honestly hardly any of it makes it into the posts I do. So today is filled with my "Oh I should blog about this!" pictures.

Here's our little Dylan do. He decided that once he was free from his crib this morning that he'd crawl into his closet and play with whatever toys he could find. Which is cute. But then he tripped and fell while walking in there. I didn't see blood so all was fine. Till I realized he had this bruise on his cheek. Can't really see it from the picture, but its there. Only reason I thought I'd get this photo is because of Aidan.

Yesterday Aidan and Mommy (me) got in pretty big fight. I screamed, he screamed, I screamed louder and told him to get up to his room. Aidan then decides to let me know how really upset he is at me by slamming his bedroom door. Well...poor little Aidan slammed that door with all his strength right on his thumb. OUCH! And because he was in trouble he didn't come downstairs...just screamed from his bedroom. I thought just because he was still upset with me lol A few minutes later I asked him to come downstairs to get his shoes on because we were leaving. I've never seen that much tears coming from him. His shirt was soaked! Pools of tears on his neck. This picture is from this morning and it really doesn't do it justice on how bad it was yesterday. Poor kid. Thankfully the swelling did go down and so did the nasty purple color.

This was our "school" time this morning. I've decided not to put Aidan in preschool and try to teach him what he needs to know at home. What can I say? I love having our family together. With Charles working nights its not the easiest to get our family time. He'll be in public school soon enough and we don't want to let go of him just yet. Hey can you work on your ABC's while wearing just your cool batman boxers at preschool?! I think not! Even though it's probably not the easiest to get things done when your little brother is crawling over the table to get whatever he can get his hands on. :) I wouldn't trade this close family time for anything.

This BIG Preschool sticker book has been a favorite for Aidan. $9.99 at Costco!

Look what we just noticed is growing in the backyard! Heck ya! We're excited and can't wait! I was starting to think that the tree wouldn't make any this year.

Aidan really enjoyed searching for them.

I added all the pictures that I took today. Tomorrow I'll add the pictures of the crafts I've been working on :)

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