Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clean up! Clean up!

Charles and I just can't get Aidan to clean up his toys. He'll clean for maybe 2 minutes and then we turn around and he's just playing with them again. We really want him to be able to clean up all of his mess on his own. Today I tried something new. I put up the baby gates with me and Dylan in the messy room and told Aidan he wasnt allowed in the room with us. If he didn't clean the room, he couldn't be in the room. He didn't like that much. He kept just looking in at us and trying to talk to us but we ignored him. Finally he told me "Mommy I'll clean! I'll clean the room up!" So I let him in. He started cleaning right away..for about 2 minutes again and then started playing! Ugh! I hate to think of starting to take toys away since Charles and I... and lots of family... paid good money for all these toys that they have. I want them to be used and not just put away in the garage. But really... do I have much of a choice anymore?

Oh and lets not forget Aidan's birthday is coming up in July. More toys.

P.S. Family and friends: Outdoor toys would be perfect birthday gifts! :P

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just one of those nights

Feeling very blah tonight. I know I should just go to bed and hope for a better tomorrow... but just feeling too blah to sleep. *Sigh* Whats wrong with me? Whats wrong with my little family? For the past two days my husband has been feeling very very down. Dylan was screaming all night. Aidan, well... Aidan's just fine. Tho he might be a little bored and probably wondering why everyone else in his family seems to be a little crazy lately.

Look at my beautiful niece :D Can't believe she's almost 10 now....

P.S. I think I might start writing again.