Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keeping Busy

Ok here we go! I'm going to try and add a few more posts ;)

Our little family has been sick with one thing after another these past two months. Its really tiring. Last night I had a late night trip to the ER because of horrible horrible sinus pain. At least I think it was sinus pain. I ended up leaving without seeing a doctor because during the 3 hour wait I started to feel better.

Thankfully I've been sewing a bit lately and I think its the only thing keeping me sane :) Just looking at all the beautiful fabric cheers me right up. I've been working on baby gift sets with fabric that isn't too babyish. Eye candy for the mom :)

I put together little shoes for one gift set. Aidan and I giggled at this step. We decided that the shoes looked like little bugs :) haha Don't see it? The pins are its legs... lol

I've changed the shape of the burp cloths I'm making. I think people like these better then the curved ones. And I will admit they're easier to make too.

The finished gift set, with a nice blanket that will last the baby into toddler years, a set of three burp pads and little tiny shoes. Hope everything gets a lot of use!

Now time to get back to work! And go to the doctor (not so much fun)