Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only a little behind...

Wow. I just started this blog and I've already been letting days go by with out writing. My excuse? The baby's been sick. The baby cries too much. The baby needs my attention ALL day long. OK I guess not good enough. I meant to write, and even thought of different things to write about. I even took pictures just for the blog! But to actually sit down and write... for some reason I just didn't do it. So here I am during nap time sitting down and writing! YAY!

Last time I wrote Dylan had just started showing signs of being sick. Poor baby ended up having a fever for days. Of course once I took him to the doctors his fever goes away and doesn't come back again. He's getting better and it doesn't seem to have passed to Charles or I. Good thing because we have a trip to Sea World to go to on Thursday. Ever since I was little my mom and I have ALWAYS gone to Sea World on her birthday. Its always been a special thing between us. Now that I have kids they're now a part of this special birthday trip. This year my sister and my niece want to go too. So it'll be a fun big group!
The weather has been really hot lately. Which means we've been out in the pool every day. Fun. Now, not only do I have two sizes of diapers to buy all the time, I now have two sizes of swimmers to buy all the time too lol Why can't Aidan just be potty trained already?! I guess that's another post for another time.I took Dylan in the pool for the very first time. Aidan was taking a nap and I was able to have some one on one time with the baby. Being able to sneak away and take a swim with just Dylan was amazing. Only problem was I couldn't get a good picture lol
This past weekend we also planted our pumpkin seeds. We're starting a little late so I'm really hoping that we get at least two pumpkins by late October. We planted two Big Pumpkin seeds that grow pumpkins up to 100 lbs lol Not kidding. Three Halloween pumpkin, perfect size for carving. At least that's what the package said.And then two small pumpkin plants. If it works out well and we get a few we'll have to have a pumpkin carving party. Aidan is REALLY excited about these plants (and so am I!) I also had my first and second strawberry from the strawberry plant. They're really small but OH SO GOOD! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sick Day

Our little pool party didn't happen. We're bummed out about that over here. Last Monday Aidan started acting very picky when it came to food. After a few hours I checked his temp and he had a fever of 101. With the help of Tylenol and a damp cloth the fever went away that same night. But since then he's still been having tummy issues that just wont go away. We're going through about 12 diapers a day because of it. This morning I found out that it passed on to Dylan too. Thankfully he hasn't gotten the fever. So the pool party had to be called off so that my kids wouldn't pass their yucky tummy bugs to other kids. Today is just a very boring day at home.

These past few weeks Aidan and I have been having a great time with our new hobby. We have a vegetable garden! Every morning and night we go out and see what new things might be growing. There are LOTS of yellow peppers growing. And very hot I might add lol

I can't wait for the tomato's to start turning red and for some yellow squash to be big enough to eat.

And lets not forget the strawberries. We finally had some start to turn red.

The little green onions are starting to come up. Its so funny to see them so tiny. Aidan has his own plant that him and his grandma picked out together.

Hopefully the boys will start to feel better soon. I like to hear their silly giggles and I'm afraid I might forget what that sounds like with all this whining I've been hearing non stop for the past few days.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I finally did it :)

YAY! I'm finally starting a blog. I've wanted to for so long and just never got around to it. Today I realized how often I upload pictures and write updates on facebook...and how often I hold myself back from doing more because I don't want to flood people with stuff that they don't want to read or look at. So here it is...my spot to flood! :)
I'm Ally, wife to Charles and mother to two sweet (crazy) boys Aidan (2) and Dylan (5 months).

I love crafting. Its what I do. A LOT. Everything from scrapbooking, quilting, felting, stamping, soap making, knitting... list goes on and on. I have to give credit to my mother and aunts for all of that. They have always been interested in crafting and have taught me everything I know. I love my mother VERY much and my aunts who are my second and third and fourth mothers to me :) I'm lucky to be a stay at home mom. I love spending so much time with my children and being able to see them grow every single day. My husband works full time and goes to school full time. I'm so thankful for everything he does. He's a wonderful husband and father.

Summer just began and I can't wait for all the swimming the kids and I will be doing. Tomorrow starts to first pool party and Dylans first time in the pool. I have a feeling he'll like it because he LOVES taking baths and splashing around. Aidan would live in the pool if I'd let him. Every morning we go out together to water the plants, and I can't tell you how many times I turn around to find him in the pool with his shorts and shirt soaked.

I can't wait for all the posts I'll be making and I hope I don't fall behind and only write once a month. I want to write for my family to read and see pictures of the kids, and to show the crafts that I'll be working on. Maybe it will help me to actually finish projects... maybe...