Friday, June 26, 2009

Sick Day

Our little pool party didn't happen. We're bummed out about that over here. Last Monday Aidan started acting very picky when it came to food. After a few hours I checked his temp and he had a fever of 101. With the help of Tylenol and a damp cloth the fever went away that same night. But since then he's still been having tummy issues that just wont go away. We're going through about 12 diapers a day because of it. This morning I found out that it passed on to Dylan too. Thankfully he hasn't gotten the fever. So the pool party had to be called off so that my kids wouldn't pass their yucky tummy bugs to other kids. Today is just a very boring day at home.

These past few weeks Aidan and I have been having a great time with our new hobby. We have a vegetable garden! Every morning and night we go out and see what new things might be growing. There are LOTS of yellow peppers growing. And very hot I might add lol

I can't wait for the tomato's to start turning red and for some yellow squash to be big enough to eat.

And lets not forget the strawberries. We finally had some start to turn red.

The little green onions are starting to come up. Its so funny to see them so tiny. Aidan has his own plant that him and his grandma picked out together.

Hopefully the boys will start to feel better soon. I like to hear their silly giggles and I'm afraid I might forget what that sounds like with all this whining I've been hearing non stop for the past few days.

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