Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Photos!

So I thought I'd do a quick update on how our photo challenge is going. We're keeping up, mostly haha :D

Day 2: What I Wore

Aidan and I were wearing some fancy clothes this day, let me tell you. Aidan was sporting the ripped jeans and no shirt. haha

As for me, it was a day out in the backyard getting some yard work done. I guess I should add that I'm 7 months pregnant. I just realized that I haven't mentioned that on the blog yet (I'll write more about it later) So I was wearing my very loose fitting maternity pants and shirt.

Day 3: Clouds

It was a pretty clear sky kind of day so we didn't have many clouds to pick from. Aidan found a pretty nice one tho!

I went second so I got this cloud :P

Day 4: Favorite Color

To my surprise Aidan said his favorite color was black! I was still thinking that it was blue. I guess I'm learning a little more about my son though this photo challenge. This day we went off to JoAnns and Aidan decided to use the black letters to spell his name. Love the idea.

My favorite color is PURPLE! Loooove purple. So I decided to take pictures of these cute purple birds that I had been cutting out for the baby shower. Guess you can tell just from this that I'm having a GIRL! (so excited!)

Day 5: Someone I Love

Aidan wanted to take a picture of his mommy for this day (night). End of day picture of me isn't too impressive but I couldn't talk him into waiting until the next day to take this photo haha

Someone I love, photo 1. Dylan! My crazy crazy lovable 3 year old who is an exact copy of his daddy. I realize he doesn't look like my child at all but I swear he is! :P

Someone I love, photo 2. Aidan! Yup I love this boy! My wonderful 5 year old who loves spending time with his mommy.

Day 6: Childhood Memory

Aidan was a little confused about what to do about this photo but I told him to just take a picture of something he loves now since he's a child :) He decided right away that he LOVES his PS3!

Which made me think of my Game Gear that I loved as a child. (Yes I still have it haha)

We had a good laugh about the games and how much they've changed in size. One of my Game Gear games and one of Aidans DSi games :)

Pictures for day 7 and 8 are still on the camera and will be part of the next update. Love having this project to do with my son. Can't wait till we can start the scrapbooks!

Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge

About 30 days ago Aidan and I decided to do a 30 day photo challenge. I thought it would be cute if we both did this and worked on a mini scrapbook with all our pictures. Of course a week goes by and we hadn't taken a single photo. So I then printed out the photo challenge and put it on the fridge. You know, if we saw this EVERY DAY of course we'd be able to take the pictures. Wrong. Three weeks later and we finally took our Day 1 Photo!!!

Day 1 : Self Portrait

Omgosh! His picture is the best! Love it!

Mine. Well, hahaha. There's a tree coming out of the top of my head. By the time I noticed that the sun was already setting. So it'll just have to be good enough because tomorrow we move onto day 2!!

Guess I should do some laundry tonight. Day 2 : What I Wore

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

With my oldest in Kindergarten I've been having so much fun helping him do crafty things for his class during the holidays. For Valentines Day we made these fun lollipops! Well we didn't actually make the lollipops :) Those are from Winco. Thirty of them for $1.50! Woohoo! Great find.

Once we had the lollipops I knew we had to figure out a cute tag idea for them. So where did I turn? Pinterest of course! But sadly I was disappointed with all that I saw. Nothings seemed right. So then I turned to an old trusted friend. Google images :) And thankfully I found something I loved right away! Cute, free, printable tags! Found here. On Lil' Luna all things good.
Once the tags were printed it was time to get to work cutting them for each lollipop.
They printed out really close together so it took a little extra time being careful to line it up just right.
But they were done in no time!
For the next step I just used a glue pen, snip scissors and a pen.
I turned each tag over and made three small glue dots. After a few I realized that just one glue dot was more then enough :)
Next step was to center the tag on the lollipop. But I made sure that each lollipop was completely wrapped. Don't want to kids sucking on glue lol
Then I turned the lollipop over, folded over the tags and placed another glue dot to hold it together. And then snipped off the extra paper with the scissors.
Once that was complete it was my kiddos turn to help! Yup he was busy writing his name :)

And then it was his job to count and make sure we had enough for everyone.
And then we were done! Super simple and super cute!