Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm baaaack

Yay! I have my laptop back! For some reason the cord for my Compaq keeps breaking. I think I'm on my 5th charger for this thing. While I'd like to blame it ALL on the computer and the quality of the cord...I'm sure part has to do with my two little boys. Tripping, pulling, and tugging daily. So this time I've decided to be smart. No longer will this laptop be kept on the floor by the sofa. No longer will the cord be stretched across the room! Oh no. This 5th charger will last longer then a month! My crafts will have to share its table with the laptop now. The cord will not be moving. EVER!

I'm so excited to have the computer back tho. All my baby/toddler pictures of Aidan are on here. And every once in a while when people tell me the boys look a lot alike I want to peak at pictures of Aidan and really get a side by side look. And yes...they do look like they're brothers. But I see some big differences. Dylan is really starting to catch up in length and weight. This past month he's just gained and gained. Maybe he's finally starting to keep food down better... I just don't know. We stopped his medication, stopped the really crazy expensive formula, and also started him on solids.

These past few days the heat here in southern California has been CRAZY. Yesterday it went to 108, same for today. Its supposed to stay this way all week until next Friday. Aidan has been swimming...but poor Dylan has been stuck in the house because of a fever that just does not want to go away. So tomorrow we'll probably have to brave the heat and get him to the doctors.

My crafting has been slow. I want to craft but I just cant get myself to start anything. And now that the laptop is on my craft table, everything got thrown to one side and just a pile of craft mess :P My goal for today is to get it all nice and organized again. We'll see ;P

Aidan's home preschool has been going great. I enjoy our times sitting and learning. Last Friday we made a felt board for him to use during "class". I'm going to make a post on how we made it and how its working out :) I feel like the curriculum I bought is lacking a lot. I've been spending time going through books to try to put my own thing together. I'm going to have to make sure I keep track of everything I'm doing with Aidan and what works and what doesn't so I can be ready for Dylan when its his turn to start home preschool.

I'm sure I have a lot more that I want to write, but right now I think this will be enough. I feel bad that I've given up on the blog lately, but I think a lot had to do with not having my laptop. Now that I do, I hope I'll start up writing at least once a week *crossing fingers*

Dylan at almost 8 monthsAidan at 8 months

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Loving this

Just posted this on Etsy... isn't it pretty?? :) I have the need to make more tonight...lets see if I can actually get around to it. I have the house to still clean, dinner to make, go to urgent care, and try to "rest" my hand lol

Monday, August 3, 2009

First items listed!

I can't believe it! I finally listed my tummy pillows on Etsy! YAY!I love seeing them on there! But I'll love it even more when someone buys them and they go to a good home for a sweet little baby. I've been making these awesome big fabric blocks with jingle bells inside. Dylan loves his. But Aidan loves it more. He'll take it from Dylan every chance he gets lol. I made three super cute girly ones and I can't wait to post these tomorrow. Only two will get posted tho. After sewing one together I realized that one fabric I used (really cute with high heels) says "objects of desire" haha doesn't sound too babyish now does it? Charles told me to just give it to Aidan but I cant...its THAT girly. I know he wouldn't mind but I'd rather make him one with spider man fabric or something lol So I decided my good friend Robyn can have it for her three girls ;)