Monday, August 3, 2009

First items listed!

I can't believe it! I finally listed my tummy pillows on Etsy! YAY!I love seeing them on there! But I'll love it even more when someone buys them and they go to a good home for a sweet little baby. I've been making these awesome big fabric blocks with jingle bells inside. Dylan loves his. But Aidan loves it more. He'll take it from Dylan every chance he gets lol. I made three super cute girly ones and I can't wait to post these tomorrow. Only two will get posted tho. After sewing one together I realized that one fabric I used (really cute with high heels) says "objects of desire" haha doesn't sound too babyish now does it? Charles told me to just give it to Aidan but I cant...its THAT girly. I know he wouldn't mind but I'd rather make him one with spider man fabric or something lol So I decided my good friend Robyn can have it for her three girls ;)

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