Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally crafting again!

I guess I'm not good at this whole blogging thing :P I let over a month go by w/o writing. Honestly in that time I didn't do much crafting either. I don't know why but maybe for the first time I just didn't have the desire to sit down and craft. This last weekend was craft camp and I threw some stuff in a bag and headed down to Mission Viejo to be crafty with the other ladies.I started a scarf and I LOVE it! My mother went to New Mexico on vacation and came back with some yarn for me. I love my mom :) Really love my mom!
After she showed me the yarn I went and grabbed the pattern of the scarf I've been wanting to try and was so excited to see that the type of yarn she bought me was the exact kind I needed for the pattern. The brand and everything. It was meant to be.
This is my first try at anything with cables. I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult then it was. Its coming out so awesome. I love the yarn too. So soft and such great colors!

I'll be making this same scarf for my mom as a Christmas gift. I've also been working on another gift for my sister. We'll see if I actually get anything done tho. LOL. The kids have not been giving me much time for crafting. Dylan has been crawling and climbing on everything. He'll be walking in no time! I guess its time to buy that boy some shoes :P