Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Car!

We got a new (used) car tonight! Woohoo!

Remember how I wrote that we were trying for a third baby? Well for a while I was thinking "is our car really big enough for that?" (We had a Ford Escape) Well after we found out that Dylan had CAS we decided to hold off on trying for a new baby. We wanted to get a feel for how therapy would go. On top of that he's locked in for twice a week, every week, and you can't miss that. At all! My pregnancies are bad! Really bad. Throwing up, not being able to function at all for a few months. So the thought of feeling that bad and having no choice but to drag myself out and drive for over an hour twice a week...yeah.

Dylan had his first speech therapy session. And wow 30 minutes goes by fast! He treated Kristen just like he does me. Ignores what she's trying to teach and just demands to play with toys. So we're going to have to find a way to teach while playing. While we were leaving the first session I kept telling him to say "bye bye" Of course he doesn't, never has, but that doesn't stop me from trying to get him to say it. Well wouldn't you know, after we were in the car and driving off I told him to say it one more time...AND HE DID! HE SAID BYE BYE! Like with the b and everything! I was so proud of him. We said it too each other about 5 times and then he stopped and it hasn't come back again. It was a nice surprise and made my afternoon :)

Anyway, back on point. We didn't buy this car right away because of more kids. Tho that is for sure something that will be great later on down the road. We live in southern California. Today it was 110. My poor babies are in the back seat of the car with no a/c vents! It gets hot! So the nice thing about a third row of seats is that there are rear a/c vents. I feel so much better about putting the boys back there now! And it'll be nice to be able to say "We can all go in my car!" Instead of saying "Well if you want to try and squeeze between the two car seats in the back...but maybe taking two cars is better..." Haha I know not big reasons...but hey they're mine!

The car we found and I'm now in love with is the Dodge Durango! I really didn't think that would be a first choice for me but the more I saw it the more I liked it. I even went up to some stranger while we were out today for Dylan's hearing test and asked her how she liked hers lol! It's great. Really great! The only thing that scares me is the MPG it gets. Ouch! Good thing we don't drive around so much!

Aidan was really sad leaving the Escape behind. And part of me was really sad too. The weekend that we brought Aidan home from the hospital my husband and mom went out and bought me a new car. They picked it out and everything since I was at home recovering from a c-section. They wanted me to have a family size car that was reliable. And I have nothing but GREAT things to say about that car! I've always known how long we've had that car since I can line it up right to how old Aidan is :) That car will be missed! Never had a single problem with it. I really hope it goes to a good family next.

Bye-Bye Escape!

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