Sunday, August 15, 2010


Every day there is someone out there who gets bad news about their own health or the health of someone they love.

Ever click on 'Next Blog' up on top? I did the other day. Most times I just keep clicking and don't stop. But there was a blog that made me stop and actually read. It was of a woman who has a daughter who just turned one years old. Her little girl was born with Down Syndrome. She's a strong woman with a positive out look on life and thanks God for sending her her beautiful perfect little girl.

Today she wrote a new blog. She just found out she has cancer. Cancer. She's married and has small children. A daughter with Down Syndrome. And she just found out she has cancer. Leukemia. And still she's staying positive.

I don't know this woman but my heart aches for her. And I realize how thankful I am with my life. Yes I just received sad news about Dylan. Yes he has a hard time speaking, but he's HEALTHY! He's smart. He's beautiful. He's alive and healthy.

Tonight I am thankful to God. Tonight I'm going to hug and kiss everyone in my little family. Tonight I am thankful for our health. And tonight I pray for this woman and her family.


  1. Wow, I can't imagine how that woman is feeling. It really puts things in a new light. Yes, I thank God everyday for my family's health. Dylan is a bright beautiful child and I know he will meet life's challenges with his great personality. You are the most loving and attentive mother. I am so proud of you. I know that our precious Dylan is in excellent hands. With everyone's love and prayers, Dylan will overcome his challenge with verbal speech. He has a great Daddy, Mama and Bubba that will help him along the way.