Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Photos!

So I thought I'd do a quick update on how our photo challenge is going. We're keeping up, mostly haha :D

Day 2: What I Wore

Aidan and I were wearing some fancy clothes this day, let me tell you. Aidan was sporting the ripped jeans and no shirt. haha

As for me, it was a day out in the backyard getting some yard work done. I guess I should add that I'm 7 months pregnant. I just realized that I haven't mentioned that on the blog yet (I'll write more about it later) So I was wearing my very loose fitting maternity pants and shirt.

Day 3: Clouds

It was a pretty clear sky kind of day so we didn't have many clouds to pick from. Aidan found a pretty nice one tho!

I went second so I got this cloud :P

Day 4: Favorite Color

To my surprise Aidan said his favorite color was black! I was still thinking that it was blue. I guess I'm learning a little more about my son though this photo challenge. This day we went off to JoAnns and Aidan decided to use the black letters to spell his name. Love the idea.

My favorite color is PURPLE! Loooove purple. So I decided to take pictures of these cute purple birds that I had been cutting out for the baby shower. Guess you can tell just from this that I'm having a GIRL! (so excited!)

Day 5: Someone I Love

Aidan wanted to take a picture of his mommy for this day (night). End of day picture of me isn't too impressive but I couldn't talk him into waiting until the next day to take this photo haha

Someone I love, photo 1. Dylan! My crazy crazy lovable 3 year old who is an exact copy of his daddy. I realize he doesn't look like my child at all but I swear he is! :P

Someone I love, photo 2. Aidan! Yup I love this boy! My wonderful 5 year old who loves spending time with his mommy.

Day 6: Childhood Memory

Aidan was a little confused about what to do about this photo but I told him to just take a picture of something he loves now since he's a child :) He decided right away that he LOVES his PS3!

Which made me think of my Game Gear that I loved as a child. (Yes I still have it haha)

We had a good laugh about the games and how much they've changed in size. One of my Game Gear games and one of Aidans DSi games :)

Pictures for day 7 and 8 are still on the camera and will be part of the next update. Love having this project to do with my son. Can't wait till we can start the scrapbooks!

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