Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge

About 30 days ago Aidan and I decided to do a 30 day photo challenge. I thought it would be cute if we both did this and worked on a mini scrapbook with all our pictures. Of course a week goes by and we hadn't taken a single photo. So I then printed out the photo challenge and put it on the fridge. You know, if we saw this EVERY DAY of course we'd be able to take the pictures. Wrong. Three weeks later and we finally took our Day 1 Photo!!!

Day 1 : Self Portrait

Omgosh! His picture is the best! Love it!

Mine. Well, hahaha. There's a tree coming out of the top of my head. By the time I noticed that the sun was already setting. So it'll just have to be good enough because tomorrow we move onto day 2!!

Guess I should do some laundry tonight. Day 2 : What I Wore


  1. Haha! That's cute! The tree totally looks like its part of your hair. Can't wait to see future posts! ;)

    1. I know! Looks like I have some ratty hair lol! Where's Photoshop when you need it? :)