Thursday, March 8, 2012


We're healthy again! No more aches and pain from being sick with a cold. But the aches and pain from being in my 8th month of pregnancy have shown up lol I've been super busy crafting up baby shower decorations. I can't wait to post pictures of everything after the big day! :) Tonight tho I worked on my first non baby craft. Felt nice to take a break from little birds and all things pink and purple. Here's a little sneak peak photo of what I was working on. I'll post more pictures and explain it all later. But here's a hint, its for the kitchen :)

Thursday is normally my day to go in and help in Aidan's class. Last night before my husband walked out the door he reminded me he wouldn't be able to take care of Dylan. I had totally forgotten. Ooops. So in the morning I dragged Dylan into the class with me and offered to take home whatever they needed me to work on. Instead they said that Dylan could play with the toys there while I went over the home work packets. That lasted a good 5 minutes before I realized every kindergarten eye was on Dylan and not on the teacher lol So we dragged all the work to the house. Afterwards I decided to take Dylan outside to play. Felt like a perfect summer day. Its still winter right? 

He was hard at work making the yard look nice ;) 
And then decided to climb on things he probably shouldn't. 

 This boy has a way of driving me completely NUTS but then ends up being so sweet and loving and melting my heart. Seriously love my Dylan-do!

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