Friday, March 2, 2012

Painting bird houses

The one day when I said there was NO WAY I was leaving the house because I am just way too sick, I painted bird houses. Was nice to just sit down with paint and paint brushes and get these bird houses looking colorful and cute. My first thought for these was to use as decorations in the nursery. I've decided to go bird themed on Madison's room (yup! we have a name!) I want to put up a shelf by her window and have a few of these sitting there on display. After I bought a few I decided to get a few more because I thought they'd be cute as baby shower decorations too. Love how they've come out. I'm throwing around the idea of cutting out some things on the cricut to mod podge on the houses. What do you think?

Colors for her room are going to be pink, purple, green, and touches of aqua. With two boys I really want to stay more with the pinks and purples this time ;)

We're no strangers to these cute bird houses tho! For the past three years, every spring, we go off and buy a few bird houses to put on our peach tree in the back yard. These I let the kids go crazy with. And I have to tell you, some of them really do look kinda crazy!

But every winter they end up like this. Haha. They just can't handle the rain, which is fine since we really enjoy painting new houses every spring.

What happened to the actual house?!

This one is really trying to hold on!

Nice home for a spider :) Really does look like a Halloween decoration now!

Guess its time to take these down and go buy the boys their new bird houses!


  1. These are pretty Ally. I'm thinking already of what to make Madison for the baby shower. Love, Issa

    1. Thanks Issa :) Are you going to still be able to make the trip out for the shower? It'd be great to spend some time together.