Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Challenge Time!

While I was sick I stopped taking photos. Completely forgot about it. Now I have no idea what day I should be on. Again, oops. So I've been going down the list and I'm on "Day18". Its still nice to take photos of whats going on in our lives right now, even if I'm not following the rules completely. Poor Aidan is somewhere back on day 9 or something like that. I really need to motivate him to take more photos so that we can still do our mini scrapbooks together.

So here we go, photos from day 7 to 18.

Day 7: Something New
My Kindle touch! Love it! And a new book also. Can't wait to start reading!

Day 8: Technology
My phone. We have a love hate relationship. 

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait
Ok, so I thought this was going to be a fun one to take since I'm pregnant and everything. Nope. 
I had thought I'd be creative and take a photo of my shadow. That came out looking just like a huge blob.
So then I tried another that shows the bump but seems kinda boring. I saved both photos because I don't know which I'll add in the scrapbook or if I'll end up trying again another day. 

Day 10: Something I Made
I made magnets for my fridge! (plan to show more about it on tomorrows post)

Day 11: Something Fun
My cricut is WAY fun! Looooooove it! :D 

Day 12: Close-up
We have a treasure bowl on our coffee table. Its filled with pine cones and rocks and things that belong to the boys. Thanks to their Grandma and Nina.  

Day 13: From A Distance
I had a really hard time with this photo. Had no idea what I should take a photo of and everything I did take a photo just didn't seem right. Finally ended up with this photo. Its a picture of the tree in our front yard from the inside of our house. 

Day 14: Flowers
My sweet little guy picked a flower for his mommy :)

Day 15: My Shoes
I'm pregnant and I live in southern California. Of course I wear flip flops! :P
And yes I have big feet :x 

Day 16: What I Ate
I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of my mint chip ice cream cone today! Ugh! Oh well I'll do this picture another day. SKIP.

Day 17: On The Shelf
Maddies little bird houses are still hanging out on the shelf waiting for the baby shower :)

Day 18: In My Bag
Well I guess I should mention that my bag is a toddlers Buzz Lightyear back-pack. Inside that lovely bag I keep diapers for my 3 year old who sooooooooooo should be potty trained. Wipes. Butt paste. He suffers from rashes A LOT. Enough where I have to take that everywhere with me. Also in the bag is his knitted hat that his grandma made for him and some cute little gloves from JoAnns. Aidans report card, a lollipop from my last doctors appointment (ALL MINE), my wallet that I love oh so much, my favorite pen, and my phone. 

And that's what I have so far! I'm half way done! Woohoo! :)


  1. Looks good! Love the faceless portraits and the magnets! I want to know more! LOL.

    1. Thanks! Yup I'll for sure show more of the magnets tomorrow :) They're super easy to put together.