Friday, March 23, 2012

Ah! What a busy week!

Full of crafting and shopping. More crafting. More shopping. This weekend is the big weekend! Baby shower time!!! :D  I'm so excited to spend this time with family and friends celebrating little Madison. We're a little over 4 weeks away from meeting my sweet little girl. I'm so excited! Did I mention that I'm super excited!?!?! ;)

I'm also excited that I finally got a haircut! I went short! Loooove it! Feels so great! Also colored it so that I don't feel like an old lady ;) Kids sure do add a lot of gray hair!
Making silly faces with my Dylan-do

The boys and I are THRILLED that its spring! And that we have amazing spring weather going on right now! Lots more play time outside. Of course, until I have my c-section and I'm stuck inside recovering for a week or two or three. 
 It started out as helping me water the plants and grass that the sprinklers just don't seem to get. 
 But once brother came outside it quickly turned into water play time. 
I decided to hang out and look at my new magazines. Hello big belly. 

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  1. Love your hair! I'd cut it short, but Tony would freak out! One day...I'm just going to do it! LOL. The kids look so happy and adorable. Nice prego belly! Baby's coming soon! YAY!