Friday, July 10, 2009

Daddy's Wallet

What do you do when your 2 year old (five days away from 3) wont let go of your husbands wallet? What do you do when he keeps pulling out all the debit and credit cards? You sit him down and have a little talk and ask him if he wants his own wallet JUST LIKE DADDY'S. :) You then search Etsy for a childs wallet. Then you feel really sad that the only thing that comes up is drawing wallets with crayons and paper. NOT what you want, or your two year old little boy wants. You then look at just normal wallets on Etsy and find that the only ones that are under $10 are the duct tape wallets. And while those are pretty just don't know how that will go over with your little man. So then you decide...I can do it. I can throw one together for him. You grab daddy's wallet from your almost 3 year old and take a good look at it. Then you grab some black fabric and get to work. You realize that its for a almost 3 year old and don't really worry about how nice it actually comes out...just that it has all the parts it a slot for cash, cards and ID. Never mind that your almost 3 year old doesn't have an ID. But using Daddy's Disney Land pass from last year counts right? You spend a good hour or two on it, take some breaks to take care of baby brother who is sick and not eating :( and pick up all the beads that little man drops all over the floor. But it comes out! It works! He shows daddy and is SO proud of it! He then makes sure he's holding it while he walks daddy to the car to go to work. He then says he needs his own car keys so that he can go to work too. Hmmm... Mommy can make wallets, but Mommy is not ready to hand over a set of keys and send her little man off to work. I can wait a good 14 years for that. Or more.

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