Sunday, July 12, 2009

My new baby

I fell in love today...
Can you see him?

How about now?

So tiny and sweet. While I was out giving the plants a little water, something ran out from under the watermelon plant. I realized it was a teeny tiny baby lizard. I ran and got Charles and made him pick it up. It was so tiny that it wasn't really scared and it just stayed in place on Charles' hand. I asked Charles to put it someplace so that Aidan could see it when he woke up from his nap. He put it in a little cup and then put it in a trash can lol After about 2 minutes I started feeling really bad that we had captured it. I asked Charles to put it back where we got it because I'm scared of things that jump and run fast...even if its just a tiny baby lizard lol Charles told me that he did what I asked and if I wanted it back then I had to do it. So I took that trash can back to the watermelon plant and put it on its side so that he could run free. He didn't. He stayed there for another minute or two. Finally I had to tap on the can to get him to run out.
Yes that's him. That tiny dot in the trash can.
He ran under the watermelon plant and I snapped a few pictures. I really really hope he makes it and some stupid birds don't get him. He's sweet and little, and innocent to the ways of the mean nasty birds. Take care baby lizard! (Can you tell that I don't like birds?)

P.S. I should add that last week we saw a hole in the dirt by the watermelon plant. My aunt stepped near it and a big lizard ran out and scared her. It was decided then that there probably were eggs in there. But somehow the hole got covered and I figured the poor things were doomed. Finding that tiny lizard right now makes me think they made it...or at least he did. Maybe I'll see more tiny ones running around :)

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