Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Ready For Speech Therapy

This Friday Dylan goes to speech therapy for the first time. Once there he'll be evaluated for an hour and a half. I don't know what they're going to do for that time, he honestly says maybe 4 words. And most of the times its "Mama" and "Eat" that sounds like "eeeeeeeeeee" I'm really curious about what they're going to say and what they're going to try.

I really hope they find something that sparks some sort of interest in him. Every time I try to teach him something he just smiles and runs away. But its honestly getting to the point where something NEEDS to be done.
My sweet sweet boy wants to talk! I know it! I can see it in his face. His new thing is pointing. He points. And screams. And points. *sigh* So many things have been running through my head. 'Maybe he can't hear well' 'Maybe since he was a little slow with all his other developments this will be just like that' 'Maybe there's something that's really wrong'

I've been told not to compare my children. I've been told that everyone is different. Every child does things in their own time. But at this point I can't help it. I sit and watch old home videos of Aidan and am just blown away by the difference in the two.

I'm glad we're starting the speech therapy now. That this is becoming an issue so early. He just turned a year and a half this July. Maybe since we're starting now he'll be able to catch up soon. He's a smart little boy. He understands a lot. He's just having a hard time saying it.

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  1. All your feelings are very normal and your concern is genuine. I also agree that the therapy is going to give you guys a starting point. You'll learn a lot about how they work and help you make choices on what kind of therapy he might need. Your Nina and Rudy support you and Charles in whatever path this takes you and Dylan. We just love your babies!!!!