Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back again for another try

I think its time I start writing again. But since its 12:17 a.m. I think I should start tomorrow (later today?)

So I missed a few months :P And that scarf I wrote about last time...its still pretty much at the same place. And no, I did not make any Christmas gifts this year. I really need to get it together and get some things finished. Its starting to become a real problem for me.

Also... my baby turns 1 years old on Jan. 2nd. Wow. He's really going to be one. Wow.

Okay time for some sleep so that I can get up at a decent time and get started on things. Many things. Important things. Like cleaning the craft room :) And every other room in this house.

Oh boy... here we go. Good night!

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